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 It is believed that each body is fully unique in its own.  Every body grows in life enduring different levels of pain, illness, trauma, and dis-ease, each one causing disruption to the mind, body and spirit.  When the body is approached with a sincere touch, healing intent, and understanding of the uniqueness of each individual, the body can truly begin to heal. 


The mind, body and spirit are intricateley woven together as one.  When we fail to keep all parts of self in balance, we create dis-ease within. Through time, the dis-ease starts manifesting itself,  creating a physical disease within the body.  A balance must be achieved in all parts of self to obtain a healthy and happy life.  


Cheers to a happy, healthy, mind, body and spirit! 

Meet the Educators

Missoula Instructors

Randi Plouffe LMT, RYT, CMH
Educational Director & Founder, Instructor of Psychology of the Body, Personal Development, Professional Development, Pathology & Physiology, & Body Awareness

Hannah LePiane LMT
The Art of Massage I, The Art of Massage II, Energy Medicine & Spa Arts

Kathryn Mills LMT
The Art of Massage III, Assessment, Treatment Planning & Documentation, & Spa Arts

Colleen Ryan PT
Structure, Foundation and Mechanics

Carley Rea LMT
The Science of Touch,  The Art of Massage IV & Body Awareness

Lauren Strommen LMT
Student Clinic Supervisor

Bozeman Instructors

Randi Plouffe LMT, RYT, CMH
Educational Director & Founder, Instructor of Psychology of the Body, Personal Development and Professional Development

Melissa Wustner LMT
The Power of Touch, The Science of Touch and The Art of Massage II

Rachel Esbjornson LMT
The Power of Touch, The Art of Massage I, Assessment, Treatment Planning & Documentation, & Student Clinic Supervisor 

Beverly Hosford MA
Structure, Foundation and Mechanics & Pathology & Physiology

Carlye Luft LMT
 The Art of Massage III & Integration

Kat Stephens LMT
Body Awareness

Dana Kraft LMT
Ethics of Touch &
Student Clinic Supervisor

Red MoonEagle
Energy Medicine

Guest Instructors
Eastern Modalities

The human body is a sacred temple, delicate as the lotus flower, strong as the mountains, and ever changing as life itself.  If we take care and love this beautiful temple we call self, life becomes more gratifying, more fulfilling and more meaningful in every waking moment.  

For centuries, wise women from all over the world have helped individuals, villages and communities through their wise women ways; using herbs, womanly intuition, and ancient knowledge passed down from one wise woman to another.  This is the approach that Randi uses in helping others.  Trained as a Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Iridologist and Yoga Instructor, she has worked to integrate all parts of her training to create a systematic approach to natural health and nourishment.  Through proper nourishment, cleansing, exercise, body awareness, and a positive mind set, one can feel fully integrated, in mind, body and spirit.  It gives Randi great pleasure in helping others through their personal journey towards a higher self, and the beautiful journey we call life.  

​Iris readings can determine the condition of ones organs and body systems.  Once determined, a specialized diet, cleansing routine, and mind/body regimen is put into place.  Through proper cleansing, the body is able to rid itself of  years of excess toxins.  Toxins accumulate in our bodies through poor diet, air pollution, chemical exposure,  processed foods, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle.  By making healthy food choices,  the body is able to regain the nutrition that it has been deprived of and the organs start to function properly again.


Herbs are apart of our total ecology, and being such, lend themselves to humanity to assist in integrating and healing our physical bodies.  The use of herbs can be a tool of growing consciousness, to recognize holism.  As an herbalist, I ask all clients to look at how to make their environment, activities and habits supporting to ones own life.  When ones does this, a contribution to a change of consciousness is made.  As each individuals awareness grows, a contribution to the illumination of ones self and the whole Earth is made.  

Massage is an effective way to ease tension within the mind and body, and can further have an effect upon the spirit.  We are all bodies of energy, carrying our own vibration within.  Massage not only helps in increasing blood flow, easing tension, helping digestive disorders, easing anxiety, and relieving stress, it also helps in bringing a balance back to our own unique vibration.  

Yoga is a personal practice, a journey of self discovery, a knowingness of ones body, a let go of the mind and a place and time of serene peace within.  It takes time, dedication and self disciple to keep up with a fully integrated practice.  Randi was trained in Raja Dhiraja Yoga through the Himalayan Yoga Institute in India in 2012.  Raja Dhiraja is the most complete, all around systematic and scientific process for the development of the body, mind, and soul.

​It is important to set a positive mind set and routinely exercise your body.  The overall goal is to go to the root of the problem, cleanse and nourish the problem,  and integrate the mind, body and spirit into one.  Working to heal as an individual on all levels of self, will bring amazing results, allowing for a healthier you and eventually expanding out to create a healthier community. Remember, its up to the individual to heal oneself, we as healers are only here to guide and assist you through the incredible journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  As we heal ourselves, so we heal the Earth. 


"Healing comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you- and no one else - that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions."    

-Peter Shepard        

Massage School of Montana Distance Learning

Holistic Based Massage Education.

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