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It is the mission of Sacred Roots Massage School of Montana to create ethical and competent massage therapists who provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for all clients.  We instill the deep sacredness, innate wisdom, and diverse knowledge of the healing arts into each heart and mind that is ready to root into the fertile soil of self awareness and personal growth.  We strive to bring embodiment to the body-mind connection, healing our world through the power of touch. 


* To create massage therapy practitioners who inspire their communities to live through wellness.


* For each massage therapist to understand the importance of working ethically, and creating  a safe and comfortable environment to do so in.


* For each massage therapist to understand the human body as a whole, from each system working together composing the physical body, to how our thoughts, emotions, and feelings effect the mental body, and how outside stimuli within our surrounding environment effects our spiritual body and wellbeing.


* For each individual to understand the importance of education, and to have the motivation and desire to continually learn new information in the field of science and therapeutic touch.


* To teach groundedness, self awareness, and the ability to be in the present moment during any and all sessions.


* To educate an understanding of common disease and the universal precautions of when massage is or is not appropriate.


* For each individual to understand what a healing crisis is, and how to properly facilitate a healing crisis if and when it does occur.


* For each massage therapist to feel confident and knowledgeable in the field of massage therapy.


* To educate students to effectively communicate with each client, set goals for themselves and their clients through their treatment process, and to offer a comprehensive treatment plan.


* For each massage therapist to effectively evaluate a body, and understand which modality or modalities are appropriate to apply.


* For each student to effectively carry the ability to seek out employment  upon completion of class, either as an independent contractor or as a valued employee.  

Massage School of Montana Distance Learning

Holistic Based Massage Education.

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