750 Hour Therapeutic Massage Course

The Science of Touch     

The Science of Touch is an overview of the history of massage, proper hygiene and sanitation, the therapeutic nature of massage as well as the contraindications pertaining to massage therapy.

Ethics of Touch

Ethics are important.  Ethics of Touch explores the code of ethics, importance of confidentiality, informed consent, and discrimination.  We will also learn the laws to licensure, regulations, state board requirements and expectations, and explore practical exams.

The Art of Massage I

The Art of Massage I explores the equipment used as a massage therapist, the environments we create and work in, the foundation of massage, proper draping techniques, as well as proper body mechanics and self care.

Structure, Foundation and Mechanics

The understanding of the structure, foundation and mechanics of the body is crucial to any good therapist.  Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology will be explored in this area of study.

The Art of Massage II

The Art of Massage II explores the teachings and techniques of a Swedish Massage.  It is the foundation for any great massage, and teaches each student to give an amazing full body massage.


Pathology explores the science behind the cause and effects of different diseases that can effect the human body.  

Personal Development
The Art of Massage III

The Art of Massage III explores techniques in myofascial and deep tissue massage, neuromuscular and proprioceptive massage, as well as musculoskeletal injury massage.

The Art of Massage IV

The Art of Massage IIII explores conditions of chronic pain and massage for special populations, such as prenatal massage, infant massage, and geriatric massage.

Spa Arts

Spa Arts explores aromatherapy, body wraps, salt glows, sugar scrubs, hot stone massage, reflexology and all the lovely additions spa services offer.  

In Personal Development, we will go over the therapeutic relationship we create with our clients, and learning the do's and do not's of having a professional and ethical relationship with our clients.

Professional Development

Professional Development teaches us about the importance of personal space, active communication with our clients, reflecting, relating, and resolving conflicts in a positive manner.

Assessment, Treatment Planning and Documentation

Effectively assessing our clients, creating a treatment plan and properly documenting are importand in any wellness or healthcare massage given.  Students will learn to do all of the above with competence and confidence .

Body Awareness

Each day of class will begin with bringing awareness to our bodies.  Students will learn the concept of grounding oneself, proper breathing, and the ability to be centered and present in the moment through mindful movement and meditation.

Eastern Approaches

It is through the Deeper Workings of The Body we will explore eastern approaches and how they can be applied to massage therapy work.  An understanding of the meridian systems, Ayurvedic doshas, elemental theory, Thai massage, shiatsu, and other eastern approaches will be gained.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine allows us to gain a greater understanding of the energetic approaches that can be applied to massage therapy, offering our clients a rooted, healing experience to their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being through a safe, gentle and non-invasive application of energetic touch.

Self Care

Self Care shares time for students to practice and maintain self care.  Students will receive massage during this time, and take an afternoon trip to the local hot springs.  

Psychology of The Body

With the human body being so intricate in mind, body, spirit, it is important to understand how our emotions, thoughts and feelings affect others, and how others thoughts and feelings can also be transferred back to us.  Being aware of characteristic structure patterns and armoring, as well as emotional release and how to properly guild a client if these issues and patterns present themselves is important to any massage therapists practice.

Holistic Based Massage Education.