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Professional Therapeutic Massage

Whether it be relaxation, pain management, trauma therapy, or a simple gift to yourself, massage is a beautiful way to show appreciation for your body, mind and spirit.  Randi has been a massage practitioner for 13 years, and specializes in Lymphatic Massage, Abdominal Massage, and Energy Balancing.  Massage therapy helps to eliminate congestion and reduce inflammation, while also offering a chance for the body to relax and unwind.  From a basic swedish massage to palpation, deep tissue, stretching and intuitive body alignment, the right massage can be created for you.  When timely maintenance is followed through, one carries less muscle tension, creates a stronger awareness with one self, and feels a deeper sense of balance and over all wellness throughout.

Therapeutic Massage

Receiving Therapeutic Massage is a great way to restore, relax, and relieve tired, achy bodies.  Bodies are like machines, and just like any machine, our bodies need maintenance.  Everyday repetitive motions and positioning of the body, begin to be felt throughout the body.  Muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, all eventually begin to feel stress with the repetitive motions we do day in and day out.  We have a choice to ignore the pain or to do something about it. Therapeutic massage is a great way to not only relieve mild and chronic pain, it is also a great way to maintain a happy and healthy body.  Massage sessions received received on a regimented schedule allows the therapist to work on the root of the problem, helping to reduce inflammation, localized pain, and tension within the muscles.  Once balance is restored, maintaining a routine massage is a great way to alleviate any future flares ups from happening. Whether it be relaxation, pain management, trauma therapy, or a simple gift to yourself, massage is a beautiful way to show appreciation for your body, mind and spirit.


30 Minute Session                 $40.00

60 Minute Session                 $70.00

90 Minute Session                 $100.00

Hot Jade Stone Massage

Jade stones are known for their power to help the body in self-healing while working through underlying, non-physical reasons of an onsetting disease. Jade is particularly helpful for kidney, heart and stomach complaints.  The stone creates calmness, harmony and peace within, and at times it will counteract depression and may produce dreams that are vivid and accurate.  Massaging the heated stones over the body, helps to loosen the muscles, eliminate stiffness and improve blood flow. Alternating the use of hot and cold jade massage stones in a massage session provides the full benefits of hot and cold massage therapy. This type of therapy helps to reduce muscle pain, stiffness, improve circulation, flush out toxins, increase vitality and provides a general feeling of balance.

60 Minute Session              $95.00

90 Minute Session              $115.00

Lymphatic Massage

Our lymphatic system is designated to filter out foreign elements from the body. If the lymphatic system gets overtaxed from surgery, stress, poor diet, or other health issues, it becomes sluggish and is unable to do its job efficiently. Lymphatic massage aids in moving the lymph throughout the body, working to bring balance to the natural flow of the fluid.  In cases of scar tissue buildup, swelling, lymphodema and inflammation, lymphatic massage is especially helpful.  The 8 sessions package focus's on the face, neck, arms, legs, abdomen and back, or can be customized to focus on a specific area needing work.  

All Sessions are approximately 60 Minutes

1 Session                            $70.00

8 Session Package            $520.00

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage is great for aiding in digestive disorders, breaking up surgical scar tissue, helping with female infertility and for bringing overall balance to the internal organs.  Gentle massage of the abdomen helps to loosen tight muscles, including the diaphragm to bring healthy blood flow back to the vital organs that support our bodies.  Through one or multiple sessions, individuals will notice change in their digestion, menstral cycle, and overall balance in the body.  


30 Minute                              $40.00

60 Minute                              $70.00

90 Minute                              $100.00

Energy Balancing

Our entire body is composed of energy, down to the very core of protons and neutrons swiftly moving trough each atom, in every cell.  Chakras are stations of vital energy and electromagnetic activity.  Known throughout many cultures, by many different names, our chakras govern energy levels in multiple parts of our lives.  The word chakra means wheel, vortex, or disk.  In the Taoist Chinese tradition, they are termed dantien, in the Huna tradition of Hawaii, they are referred to as auw centers, in Cabala, the "tree of life" centers. It is through the yogic theory and tradition, they are termed "chakras."  Each chakra correlates with a different set of organs, as well as impacting psychological influences.  By attuning and balancing our energy centers, we can find healing at the root of a physical or mental imbalance.  

30 Minute Session                    $40.00

60 Minute Session                    $70.00

Acupuncture - Missoula Meridian

Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique in which extremely thin needles are placed into specific locations  of the body. There are over 350 acupuncture points and licensed practitioners are trained to pick the points based on thousands of years of knowledge that has been passed down from Eastern healers. There are numerous theories and studies attempting to prove how acupuncture works. Some show that acupuncture decreases inflammation and others show it increases white blood cell count to improve immunity. Whatever the mechanism, it can be said that acupuncture stimulates the bodies own innate ability to heal.  

What inflicts the mind, inflicts the body.  What inflicts the soul, inflicts the body.  Physical wounds heal much quicker, but spiritual and emotional wounds take much longer of healing.


                                                                                             -Ann Marie Aguiiar 

Massage School of Montana Distance Learning

Holistic Based Massage Education.

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