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Where mind, body and spirit commingle, uniting for a higher cause.  

Welcome To Sacred Roots, a safe and inviting space for you to explore your depths.  

What Students Are Saying



Throughout the program, we have been encouraged as students to hone in on our goals and passions. Doing so has helped me a lot in figuring out the life I want to set up for myself; the things I really value and how I want to prioritize them have really come to light over the last year. In figuring that out, I’ve also become more comfortable with my self-identity. All of this has helped me feel more prepared and

confident in myself and my future.

I have been more motivated to prioritize my health after learning and noticing how much my physical wellbeing affects the rest of my life. Starting the habit of exercising has significantly increased my quality of life in more ways than one. Overall, the program at Sacred Roots has helped me grow spiritually, physically, and personally.

Foggy Lake


Every class had a personal development concept attached to the curriculum,

even if it wasn’t obvious. For example, Pathology and Physiology allowed me to enhance my public speaking confidence because of the presentations. Another example, student

clinics drove my creativity to problem solve and provide the best application of

techniques for a given 


All the meditation sessions and journaling throughout the course empowered me to look deeper into myself, the physical, mental, and emotional, to

understand who I am at the present and who I want to be in the next year, five years, and




This school has offered to me the most wonderful balance of accountability and understanding. I feel no expectation to be perfect, yet I am constantly being kindly challenged to step up to the plate and take charge of my life, my healing, and my career. 

I have become patient with myself in ways I didn’t know was possible and I feel much more physically and emotionally fluid than ever before. I now know how to center myself, set boundaries, and honor my intuition consistently. I feel I have a much clearer understanding of what it means to be human. I can also give a pretty a good massage, which is cool.

We believe that every body deserves to grow, expand, and live a life of empowerment.  
That is why we are here! 

Through the embodiment of our authentic self, living with integrity, honoring ethically, and loving whole heartedly, we strive to make the world a better place.
ABMP School Member
NCBTMB Certified Massage School
NCBTMB Certified Massage School
AMTA  School Member

The root of all dis-ease can be uplifted by finding balance from within.

Massage School of Montana Distance Learning

Holistic Based Massage Education.

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